A Scarboro Missions Gift Annuity is an excellent investment in the future of the mission of the Church.

What is a Scarboro Missions Gift Annuity?

With a donation of $1,000 or more, you will receive a guaranteed return on your gift for the rest of your life—up to 10% a year!

You can choose how often you receive the payments (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually), and we can even deposit the payments directly into your bank account!

Your Scarboro Missions Gift Annuity can be for one person or for you and your spouse. With a SINGLE LIFE annuity you will receive payments for life. With a JOINT LIFE annuity, you will receive payments for life, and should you pre-decease your spouse, the payments will continue for the remainder of your spouse’s life.

Tax-free Income? Revenue Canada may consider a portion or all of your payments to be tax free! Depending on your age, you may also be issued a one-time charitable tax receipt for a portion of your Annuity.

How safe is a Scarboro Missions Gift Annuity?

Payments from a Scarboro Missions Gift Annuity are fixed and guaranteed for life and are not affected by fluctuating interest rates. This means you know exactly how much you will get for life.

The Scarboro Foreign Mission Society is a Registered Charity (Charitable Registration Number 119142164RR0001). We are also a member of Canada’s Annuity Association: The Canadian Association on Charitable Gifts, which sets ethical and financial standards to which we adhere. The association also audits our financial reports and procedures to make sure our annuity funds and practices are safe and secure for our benefactors.

What are people saying?

“I have advised many people to invest in annuities, in particular, charitable ones. It is a comfort to know you will have an income for life and are contributing to worthwhile endeavors.”
—Mrs. K., Ontario

“By purchasing a Scarboro Gift Annuity, I have pension income for my retirement and, at the same time, assist the work of Scarboro Missions.”
—Rev. B., Nova Scotia

“Your donation helps the works of God through the Scarboro Gift Annuity. What better donation can you give? This is why I have purchased another Gift Annuity.”
—Mr. H., British Columbia

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