Golden Rule Poster

Golden Rule Across the World’s Religions


The Golden Rule Poster is available in three formats:

1. English – Large size (22 X 29 inches)
2. English – Small size (8 X 10 inches)
3. Spanish – Large size (22 X 29 inches)
(available only from the two US distributors listed below)

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Product Description

We have collaborated in the production of a poster that shows the “Golden Rule” as represented in all the world’s major religions.

$9.95 plus tax and shipping

This poster can only be ordered at one of the following distributors:

Broughton’s Books and Gifts
322 Consumers Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
M2J 1P8
Tel. (416) 690-4777

Ontario Multifaith Council on Spiritual and Religious Care
789 Don Mills Road, #208
Toronto, ON, Canada
M3C 1T5
Tel. (416) 422-1490

Pflaum Publishing Group
2621 Dryden Rd.
Dayton, Ohio 45439
Tel. 1-800-543-4383

Interfaith Marketplace
PO Box 30041
Seattle, WA, 98113-0041
Tel. (206) 743-8810