How to Order the Golden Rule Poster

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The Golden Rule Poster is available in three formats:

  1. English – Large size (22 X 29 inches)

  2. English – Small size (8 X 10 inches)

  3. Spanish – Large size (22 X 29 inches)
    (available only from the two US distributors listed below)

To order the poster, contact one of the following distributors, each of which also accepts international orders.

Broughton's Books and Gifts
322 Consumers Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
M2J 1P8
Tel. (416) 690-4777

Ontario Multifaith Council
3570 Victoria Park Avenue, Suite # 207
North York, Ontario, M2H 3S2
Tel. (416) 422-1490

Pflaum Publishing Group
2621 Dryden Rd.
Dayton, Ohio 45439
Tel. 1-800-543-4383

Interfaith Marketplace
115 So. 1100 East
Unit #306
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
Tel. (385) 290-8580

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