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Golden Rule Poster

Support interfaith dialogue with "The Golden Rule" poster, which shows the golden rule in the sacred writings of 13 faiths.

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As more and more people hear about our work,individuals and groups are consulting us on interfaith issues. People in Toronto and across Canada are being inspired to take interfaith action as a result of hearing about our work.

Overseas Interfaith Work

Our interfaith work here in Canada is also a support and inspiration to interfaith activity in Scarboro Missions' overseas missions. In Canada, we are likewise inspired and supported by Scarboro members working overseas in pluralist environments.

A Global Vision

We are in touch with local, national and international interfaith activity and networks. And with Catholic interfaith activity around the globe

Lay Mission Program

An interfaith component is now part of our lay training program. Interfaith exposure prepares students for the cross-cultural reality of overseas work.


The Interfaith Office has created and sponsors numerous events.

Golden Rule Poster

Scarboro Missions has developed a poster featuring the Golden Rule in the sacred writings of 13 religious traditions. Each scripture is accompanied by the symbol of the featured religion. Accompanying lesson plans for elementary and high school curricula are being developed and will be commercially published. A study guide for adult audiences is also in the works. A documentary about the poster has been aired on a national TV broadcast, and the poster is now on permanent display at the United Nations in New York.
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Paul McKenna | interfaith@scarboromissions.ca | 416-261-7135 ext.296

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