Lay Missioners - Formation Program

Scarboro Missions offers a compulsory, thorough Formation Program. This is a two-month live-in program, which usually begins in July. The program facilitates sharing ideas, insights and faith reflections. Through courses and workshops, we teach tools for living and working with others in a new cultural reality and also doing social analysis. The ongoing process of adapting to a new culture continues throughout language studies and in the receiving country.

Helping you to answer God's call to "Come, follow me" as written in an article by Scarboro Missions' Program Associate, Sharon Willan. Read about Sharon's article "Walking into the Unknown" in the October 2003 issue of the Scarboro Missions magazine.


  1. Introduction to Scarboro
  2. Faith Commitment
  3. Team Approach to Mission
  4. Involvement in Lives and Struggles
  5. Other Lands and Cultures

Introduction to Scarboro:

  • Spirit of the Society
  • Communal Celebrations at Scarboro Missions
  • Lay Gatherings

  • Introduction to SFM: Its people, vision, missions, history, organization
  • SFM Justice & Peace Involvements
  • SFM Lay Missioners: motivation, sense of call, history, policy, organization

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Faith Commitment

Photo of Beverly Van Toome in Malawi
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Personal and Communal Prayer
  • Reflection Days
  • Scripture Programme
  • Contextual Theology [Latin American (Liberation); Asian (Interfaith Dialogue); African (Inculturation); North American (Eco-feminist Theology)]
  • Missioning Ceremony

  • Missiology
  • Basic Christian Communities
  • Prayer
  • Social Awareness & the Gospel
  • Images of God (ways we pray)
  • Images of Christ (Christology)

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Team Approach to Mission

  • Living in community (2685 Kingston Road)
  • Social Experiences (Lay gatherings)
  • Assessments: Personal & Program
  • Communal Celebrations

  • Myers/Brigg
  • Conflict Management
  • Women & Men Communication
  • Intimacy & Sexuality

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Involvement in the Lives & Struggles

  • Outreach in Toronto & Reflection
  • Social Consciousness Raising Activities (vigils, lectures, marches when possible)

  • Social Analysis
  • Popular Education Methodology

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Other Lands and Cultures

  • Area Studies

  • Interfaith Dialogue
  • Emotional, Spiritual, Psychological, and Physical Well-Being in Mission
  • Violence in Mission
  • Cross-Cultural /Transitional Skills
  • Popular Religiosity/ Gospel & Culture
  • Health Overseas
  • Resource people with experience in the mission countries
  • Reading materials & video/slide resources

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