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The Scarboro Foreign Mission Society is a Roman Catholic missionary society involved in mission overseas and in Canada.

Founded in 1918 by Fr. John Fraser, a priest of the Archdiocese of Toronto, Scarboro Missions' initial purpose was to train and send missionary priests to China. In those early days, Scarboro Missions was known as the China Mission Seminary.

China's government forced Scarboro missioners to leave the country in 1952. Following that traumatic event, our missioners gradually dispersed to various countries of the world. We now have missions in Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and most recently in Africa.

In keeping with the spirit of the Second Vatican Council and at the urging of lay Catholics, Scarboro Missions began accepting lay missioners in the 1970s. Today, Scarboro priests and lay missioners work side by side and in co-operation with other mission groups all over the world.

Learn more about our founder, Fr. John Mary Fraser.

Read more about our history, a decade-by-decade look at our story as told through the Scarboro Missions magazine dating back to 1919. This historical overview, written by Grant Maxwell, appeared in the January and February 1993 issues of Scarboro Missions, in honour of our 75th Anniversary.

SFM Deceased: Those who have gone before us

This memorial booklet was issued at the 90th Anniversary celebrations on November 9, 2008. From 1918 to 2008, over 200 Canadian priests and over 100 Canadian lay missioners have contributed their generous service and dedication with Scarboro Missions and its goals. Please note that, in this booklet, the deceased SFM members appear in a chronological order according to the date of their death.

This 58-page memorial booklet (in PDF format, allow time to download) is being updated now and members who died since November 2008 will be added. Pictures of the 90th Anniversary celebrations can be viewed in the Photo Gallery www.scarboromissions.ca/Photo_gallery/index.php?eventid=30

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