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"The missionary spirit of our Society flows from our response to the mandate our lord Jesus Christ entrusted to his disciples: "Go out into the whole world; proclaim the good news to all creation" ( Mk.16:15). At the heart of our missionary spirituality is the love of God made manifest in Jesus." ( Scarboro Constitutions 1)

Signs you are called to a cross-cultural mission

  • an uneasiness with the way things are in the world;
  • a desire to make a difference, to bring about justice and the Reign of God;
  • a commitment to Christ as the foundation of all we do;
  • a readiness to let go of the familiar in order to serve God freely and faithfully wherever this may lead;
  • a joyful spirit which accompanies our faith and embraces the people among whom we serve;
  • humility to acknowledge our need for forgiveness, and to let go of failures;
  • a sense of humour which rejoices in life, carries us through hard times and helps us laugh at our mistakes.

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What is vocational discernment?

Vocational discernment is about identifying and freely choosing the best path for your life's direction—where God wants you most for you future happiness.

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What does vocational discernment involve?

  • daily prayer, to develop a personal relationshipwith Jesus Christ.
  • coming to recognize how much I am loved by God.
  • learning to recognize the signs of God's call in my life and to deepen my desire to serve the Reign of God in the world.
  • carefully reflecting on my life to discern where God is leading me on my journey and sharing this journey with a spiritual guide.
  • taking in opportunities like "Come and See" weekends and retreats, vocation days related to mission, hearing vocation stories and shared experiences of missioners.
  • practicing compassion and service to others, especially those who are in most in need and whom we can readily assist.
  • remembering that while in discernment one can always count on God's guidance and support every step of the way.

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What is required of a missionary vocation today?

  • A deep love for Jesus Christ and a readiness to be a servant of the Reign of God.
  • A desire to witness to the Good News of God's love for all peoples and cultures.
  • An active concern for justice and peace in the world, especially for the poor and the forgotten of the world.
  • A listening heart that is open and free and willing to embrace celibacy as an authentic way of living and loving for the Kingdom of God.
  • Persons of faith, who are hope-filled, enjoy life, can laugh at themselves and grow from their mistakes.
  • People who trust that God's goodness will ultimately prevail in all circumstances.
  • A readiness to let go of what is familiar, comfortable and secure, to follow Christ whenever one is guided by his Church and the Spirit.

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Prayer for Missionary Vocations

Jesus, you sent your apostles into the world to witness to the Good News of God's love for all peoples. Stir up in our hearts the passion to serve you and your mission, with wisdom, energy and humility. Teach us all to be true disciples and servants in your image. Help those who will guide candidates whom you call to be future priests, that they may be effective witnesses of the Kingdom. May all peoples one day come to know you and the fullness of life that you reveal to all peoples through the glory of your death and resurrection. Amen

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A Personal Prayer for Discerning a Vocation

Jesus, you said to your first disciples "Come, Follow me", and they became your apostles to the world. Guide me as I journey these days, to discern more clearly your call in my life. Let your light reach deep within me that I know myself better and have the courage to respond you wholeheartedly. May your will become my will. Support me along this present path of discernment to know what is best for me, that whatever direction my life will take, it will be always in your service. Amen.

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Will you respond whole heartedly to the call of the Spirit and the Church?

Perhaps you can! If you think it may be as a Scarboro Missioner, answer Christ's call and contact us. We welcome those who feel called as lay missioners and priests. We invite you to walk with us...it may change your life!

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