October 1994

October Magazine Cover

COVER: From a set of watercolour and ink reproductions given to Scarboro Missions Magazine in 1977 by the Director of the Tunisian National Tourist Board.

  • Muslim Christian Dialogue
    By Ovey Mohammed, S.J.
  • The African Synod
  • 50 Years Is Enough!
    Action Campaign of the Inter-Church Coalition on Africa
  • The Phoenix Prison Trust
    By Elaine MacInnes, O.L.M.
  • Kyoto: 1200 Years of History
    By Don Boyle, S.F.M.
  • Signs of Hope
    News from the Lay Mission Office
  • With God, Everything is Possible!
    By Lorraine Reaume
  • From the Editor's Desk: Missionaries: Hopeful Sojourners
    By Gerald Curry, S.F.M.