February 1996

February Magazine Cover

COVER: Jesus Speaks to the Women. Artwork by Cerezo Barredo

  • Global Feminism, Part III
    By Maria Riley, O.P.
    Human Rights are Women's Rights
  • Maria
    CIPO Interview
  • Women of the Dancing Rainbows
    By Lorraine Reaume
  • Cleofe Galliposo, 1962-1995
  • One Child Per Family
    By Tripod Staff
  • Way of the Cross
    Development & Peace
  • Traces of Grace
    Bishop Pierre Fisette, p.m.e.
    Fr. Viateur Allary, p.m.e.
    Sr. Micheline Bolduc, SRC
  • And A Decree Went Forth
    By Don Boyle, S.F.M.
  • Global Feminism, Part IV
    By Maria Riley, O.P.
    Religious Traditions
  • From the Editor's Desk: A Dirty Word
    By Kathy VanLoon and Gerald Curry, S.F.M.
  • Lenten Reflection
    By Joseph Curcio, S.F.M.