February 1999

February Magazine Cover

COVER: Farming on the slopes of Mount Chimborazo, Riobamba, Ecuador.
Credit: Catherine Walsh

  • High & Holy Places
    By Tom Walsh
  • The Wailing of A Nation
    By Joseph Curcio, S.F.M.
  • Opening Ourselves to God... Interfaith Dialogue
    By Paul McKenna
  • Fasting & Feasting
  • Lenten Way of the Cross
    Prepared by the Youth Group of St. Bernadette's Parish, Ajax, Ontario
  • Francisca
    By Charles Gervais, S.F.M.
  • No Sweat
    TEN DAYS for Global Justice Campaign
  • From the Editor's Desk: Openness to God
    By Gerald Curry, S.F.M.
  • Letters to the Editor