Catholics are urged to participate positively in support of the following principles

September 1999

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  1. The dignity of every person is to be respected at all times.
  2. Respect for human dignity requires a vigorous pursuit of the common good.
  3. Governments must balance the rights, obligations, and opportunities of various segments of society.
  4. Governments must demonstrate a grasp of the concept of stewardship.
  5. Governments must support the right to private property but at the same time recognize that that right is not absolute.
  6. Governments must recognize that human beings derive identity and self-esteem, as well as economic survival, from the use of their God given talents in useful work and, therefore, have the right to employment.
  7. Governments must support the rights of workers to unite in order to protect the quality of their lives, their safety, and their security.
  8. Governments must protect those who are on the margins of society.
  9. Governments must support life.
  10. Governments must encourage and facilitate involvement in the process of political decision-making.
  11. Governments worthy of support must respect other governments and non-governmental bodies with respect to appropriate decision-making.

From the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops' 1998 pastoral letter, "Choosing a Government", on participation in the democratic process.

"Christians who take an active part in present-day socio-economic development, and fight for justice and charity should be convinced that they can make a great contribution to the prosperity of mankind and to the peace of the world."

Vatican II, "The Church in the Modern World"

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