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In past centuries, Christian missioners tended to view other cultures and religions as corrupt and godless.

The modern missioner is more likely to see God as already present and active in other religious cultures. Christian mission, therefore, does not consist of a movement toward theological and cultural imperialism. It can, however, involve the experience of inculturation.

Missioner with group in Ecuador

lnculturation, a fruit of Vatican II, refers to efforts to express the Christian life and mystery in each and every culture. For example, in North America it is now common to integrate the Native sweetgrass ceremony into Catholic Masses that involve the participation of First Nations people.

Learn more about inculturation through the work being done by Scarboro Missions' Interfaith Office.

Read Nostra Aetate, Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions, promulgated at the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council.

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