Ways to get involved in the Make Poverty History campaign

September 2006

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  • Celebrate White Band Days 2006
    Join thousands worldwide by organizing events for global white band Days: September 16 to October 17.
  • Band together
    Order a bunch of white wristbands by going to Collect a group of people to help flood your community with white bands, --hit the malls, libraries, markets, schools, clubs, parks, festivals, places of worship, and other community spaces. Set a target, then plan to reach it, for contacts near you, go to:
  • Wrap it up
    Wrap a building with a big white band. Order white Make Poverty History barrier tape from the website, get local businesses to help you make one, or sew old bed sheets together.
  • Stick with it
    Give campaign stickers and posters to everyone you know and plaster them in places where they'll get noticed. Contact:
  • Spread the word
    Organize a town hall meeting, a discussion group, and a study circle - any way for people to come together and learn about Make Poverty History. Take a Make Poverty History sign-on sheet, and get names, email addresses and postal codes. Download from
  • Get political
    Download the political action kit and talk to your Member of Parliament. Go to your MP's public events and set up a meeting. Urge them to remove export subsidies, raise child tax benefits, ensure we give more and better foreign aid and cancel debt unconditionally. For ideas and resources, to:
  • Host a banner
    Host our banner on your website. Download at:
  • Counsel the council
    Urge your City Council or Mayor to pass a resolution endorsing the Make Poverty History campaign. Halifax did so in 2005, as did Barrie, Ontario; what about your town?
  • Take it outside
    Organize a campaign crew to head to a busy park on the weekend, a street fair or community BBQ. Hand out the campaign platform and invite people to sign postcards to the Prime Minister. Go to:
  • Jazz it up
    Set up a Make Poverty History table at a music festival or concert. Collect sign-ons and distribute white wristbands and postcards. Ask performers to wear the white band, as musicians did at the 2006 East Coast Music Awards in Charlottetown.
  • Screen it
    Get a copy of the star-studded click ad and get it shown around your community - at movie theatres, libraries, cable television stations, schools, sporting events, concerts, festivals, community gatherings, places of worship. Send an email to:
  • Tell the world
    Write and submit articles about the campaign to local newspapers, community magazines, club bulletins, your favourite web zines, or start a blog about how you are helping to Make Poverty History.
  • Volunteer locally or internationally
    Scarboro Missions sponsors a website with interesting information on many groups that need volunteers. Visit:
  • Buy fair trade products
    Look for the "Fair Trade Certified" label or Fair Trade Federation logo.
  • Donate to nongovernmental organization (NGO's) working at home or abroad.

The above was adapted from material available on the Make Poverty History website.

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