January/February 2013

January/February Magazine Cover

COVER: Scarboro priests and laity in mission over the years.
Top row L-R: Lay missioner Mark Hathaway (Peru); Fr. Joe King (Dominican Republic), Fr. Ken MacAulay (Guyana); lay missioners Mary Olenick and Ray Vantomme (Malawi).
2nd row L-R: Lay missioner Susan Keays (Thailand); Fr. Joe Curcio (Northern Canada), Fr. Charlie Gervais (Philippines), Fr. Frank Hawkshaw (Japan).
3rd row L-R: Fr. Ron MacDonell (Brazil), Fr. Graham Clark (Guyana), Fr. Jim Gauthier (Japan), Fr. Mike Traher (Tibet).
4th row L-R: Fr. Hugh MacDougall (Cuba), Fr. Ambie MacKinnon (Bahamas), Fr. Lionel Walsh (Dominican Republic), Fr. Gerry Curry (Canada).
5th row L-R: Fr. Paul Ouellette (Dominican Republic); Fr. Serra, one of Scarboro’s first missionaries to China; Monsignor John Mary Fraser, Scarboro’s founder (Japan); Fr. Omar Dixon (Brazil).