September 2004

September Magazine Cover

COVER: Adapted from the poster for the Canadian Catholic Organizaiton for Development and Peace 2004 fall action campaign, Water: Life before profit

  • Living water
    By Heather Eaton
    A glimpse at the nature and sacredness of water, source of all life
  • The fountain of life
    By Ron MacDonell, S.F.M.
    Brazilian bishops encourage reflection and action on the value of water
  • "Why then do you not give thanks?"
    Water... a sacred symbol in the world's faith traditions
  • A common good
    By Laura Vargas
    Catholic Social Teaching speaks to the threat to water
  • Swimming in the wider culture
    By Fiona Connelly
    The struggle to preserve the culture and ecological wisdom of tribal Filipinos... an interview with Bishop Francisco Claver
  • Midday thirst
    By André Myre
    A reflection on John 4:1-42
  • Privatizing life
    By Beverley and Ray Vantomme
    For Malawians, private ownership of public water services goes against their traditions of sharing and community
  • A blessed gift
    By Mary Olenick
    Learning to appreciate the gift of water
  • Drinking mindfully
    By Marika Ince
    A group reflection
  • Guest Editorial
    By Danny Gillis
  • Centrespread: Water: Life before profit
    The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace 2004 fall action campaign takes aim at the World Banks privatization agenda