April 2001

April Magazine Cover

COVER: A joyful member of the community of Binuangan, on the island of Mindanao, Philippines.
Credit: Michael Traher, SFM

  • The message of the resurrection
    By Ted Schmidt
    A reflection on the life of discipleship to which we are called.
  • Confirmation in Guariba
    By Ron MacDonnell, S.F.M.
    Receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit has great meaning for Brazil's Makushi people as they struggle for land and for justice.
  • A new beginning: The vision and practice of Jubilee
    By Lee Cormie
    Participants at an international theology event see a hope filled opportunity for the Church's rebirth.
  • A project for life
    The recent Indigenous uprising in Ecuador illuminated by God's Word. – A pronouncement by the pastoral agents of Riobamba Diocese.
  • Story of Elizabeth
    By Charles Gervais, S.F.M.
    A personal experience of God's solidarity with the world's oppressed.
  • Remembering Fr. Jack Mclver
    By James McGuire, S.F.M.
    Fr. Mclver spent the last years of his life promoting the cooperative movement in South Africa.
  • A work of the Spirit
    By Frank Hegel, S.F.M.
    Christ the Good Shepherd Seminary in Riobamba, Ecuador, wins a lengthy expropriation battle.
  • Safe home, Reverence!
    By Ambrose MacKinnon, S.F.M.
    After almost 40 years of priesthood, Fr. MacKinnon was recently honoured with the title of Monsignor. In this article, he recalls a mission moment from his early days.
  • From the Editor's Desk: The now generation
    By Gerald Curry, S.F.M.
  • Letters to the Editor

He is not here, he has risen.