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Golden Rule Poster

Support interfaith dialogue with "The Golden Rule" poster, which shows the golden rule in the sacred writings of 13 faiths.

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Curriculum, Do-it-yourself Workshops & Educational Resources

Guidelines for Designing a Multifaith Prayer Service

Guidelines for arranging group visits to Houses of Worship

Guidelines for organizing interfaith meetings

Ten Things You Can Do to Support Interfaith Peacemaking and Collaborative Action

Interfaith Curriculum for Peacemaking

A collection of best practices for conflict resolution and relationship-building between groups

Constructing a local multifaith network

Curriculum for pioneering spiritual activism among youth (Children of the Earth)

Kids4Peace – curriculum for an intercontinental youth camp

UNESCO Intercultural and Interfaith Program for Ethics Education (for schools and youth groups)

Online toolkit for youth-led interfaith service-learning

Interfaith Curriculum - Abrahamic faiths (for schools and youth groups)

Teaching curiosity and respect for religious differences (for schools and youth groups)

Safe and Caring Schools for Students of All Faiths (Teachers' Guide)

A do-it-yourself workshop outline for chaplains and spiritual care-givers

Course outlines in interfaith education from American universities & seminaries

Multifaith education resources for theological schools

Nine methods for teaching interfaith in theological schools

Representatives of the 13 religions featured on the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Poster Representatives of the 13 religions featured on the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Poster

Manual to facilitate Faith-based peacebuilding and reconciliation (African context)

Dealing with difference in Australia: resources for teachers, students and others

Tools, guidelines and other resources to address diversity, controversy and conflict (British context)

A collection of best practices resources for doing interfaith work

Programs addressing religious diversity issues in schools, workplaces, health care environments and conflict situations

Sixteen experiential methodologies for promoting teenage leadership

How to organize houses of worship visits for young people

A Trainer’s Guide to interfaith Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka

Interfaith school curriculum for Abrahamic faiths

Curriculum for a three-day interfaith workshop

Litany of thanksgiving for the Religions Of The World

The Compassion Games – Survival of the Kindest (for adults, schools and youth groups)

Unitarian Universalist curriculum for high school students

Walking God's Path: A six-session workshop outline in Jewish-Christian relations

Powerpoint: Milestones in Catholic-Jewish Relations

Understanding Islam: A Resource & Study Guide for Christians

Interfaith toolkit for Christian congregations (Presbyterian Church – USA)

Tips for interfaith families: How to make a seder inclusive

Golden Rule Meditation Exercises

Guidelines for Golden Rule Workshop

Golden Rule Curriculum – General (for schools and youth groups)

Golden Rule Curriculum #1 (for schools and youth groups)

Golden Rule Curriculum #2 (for schools and youth groups)

Golden Rule Curriculum # 3 (for schools and youth groups)

Golden Rule Art Activity & Lesson Plan (for schools and youth groups)

Ecology: Multifaith Green Rule Poster & Study Guide

Principles and Guidelines for Interfaith Dialogue:

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