global_church_raising_a_glaOur ever-changing world continually presents the Church and Scarboro Missions with new challenges in serving the Reign of God and witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These challenges are many and include:

  • Upholding the dignity and equality of every person
  • Safeguarding the innate rights of every person
  • Pursuing the goal of world peace
  • Eliminating the evils of hunger and starvation
  • Protecting and improving the environment
  • Promoting economic justice for all

As the body of Christ, how do we, a Global Church, confront these and other issues?

Scarboro Missions believes each of us is part of a world community that is not limited by the artificial boundaries of race, geography, culture, and religion, and by witnessing to the Gospel through service to others, we work to overcome the many challenges we face.

Below are links to several organizations that are working diligently to address these many challenges and improve the lives of people everywhere.

Church Organizations | Global Mission | Economics | Environment | Human Rights | Hunger/PovertyInterfaith | Peace Building | Prayer | Social Justice | News

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