Scarboro Missions, through its Mission Centre Programs provides services and programs at 2685 Kingston Road,  Scarborough, Ont. Our team members are also available to facilitate and coordinate programs elsewhere.

We estimate that about 5,000 high school students participate in retreat programs every academic year. Our team also guides retreats and prayer experiences. We have been invited to guide and animate Study Days and Professional Development Days for teachers. We also work with chaplains, multi-faith groups and candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

With our interfaith focus, our team has been invited to lead workshops for social workers and community groups in pluralism and diversity training. Ordinarily the groups number between 20-40 people. Overnight accommodation may be also available. There is a possibility of day-long retreats and workshops for groups of 60-80 participants.

Key Facilitators and Retreat Leaders (see  “Mission Centre Programs” 2-sided brochure for complete listing of facilitators)

  • Kathy Murtha: director of Mission Centre, over 20 years as retreat director, workshop facilitator and more.
  • Katie Flaherty: award-winning poet, yoga/meditation instructor, retreat facilitator and more.
  • Marilyn Grace: former teacher and TCDSB chaplain, experienced retreat facilitator and more.

Some sample pictures from this Section

Katie Flaherty & Kathy Murtha facilitating teachers' staff retreat day on "Creation & the Four Elements"

Katie Flaherty (left) & Kathy Murtha facilitating teachers’ staff retreat day on “Creation & the Four Elements”


Student's Golden Rule activities

Student’s Golden Rule activities


Student's Golden-Rule Art Competition

Student’s Golden-Rule Art Competition


Fr. David Warren's Scripture Series

Fr. David Warren’s Scripture Series