Our Mission

The motivation and vision for the work and services of the Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Office are found in the mandate given to it by Scarboro Missions Constitutions and Chapter documents.

  • To manifest prophetic witness to justice-seeking activity
  • To collaborate with other churches, faiths and with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for structural change and solidarity action
  • To facilitate the communication of its work and the justice-seeking work of Scarboro Missions around the world, back through Scarboro in Canada, and beyond the churches to the public
  • To remain grounded in an engaged spirituality informed by Gospel values and the Christian social teaching tradition on distributive justice, global peace, integrity of creation and an option for the poor.

Office Coordinator

The current coordinator is lay missioner Karen Van Loon, who worked with a community health ministry in Brazil prior to joining this office in March 1999.


Read about the history of Scarboro Missions work for justice, peace and integrity of creation.

Questions or Concerns? Contact the Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Office:
Karen Van Loon, Coordinator — jpic@scarboromissions.ca — 416-261-7135 ext.249