Since its inaugural publication in November 1919, Scarboro Missions magazine, produced by Scarboro Missions, has shared the journey of our missionaries as they witness to the Gospel overseas and in Canada. Today, mission is focused on all aspects of human dignity and development, the liberation of peoples, the integrity of creation, and dialogue with people of other faiths.

Through the magazine, Scarboro Missions has also asked for financial and prayerful support, and invited others to join in our service to the Gospel.

Important changes:

Scarboro Missions has now entered a time of change and discernment as its members get older and fewer in number and its overseas mission presence diminishes. After much prayer and consideration, the Society has begun a process to join other Roman Catholic religious communities in a new residence in Scarborough, Ontario, to be constructed by 2018.

As a result of these changes, Scarboro Missions magazine will cease publication in 2018. Renewal notices are no longer being issued, but everyone who wishes will continue to receive the magazine at no charge until the last issue.

Below is an outline of the remaining schedule (this schedule may be subject to change):

January-February 2016:  Vocations issue
April-May 2016:  Special issue on the Year of Mercy
November-December 2016:  Calendar issue
March-April 2017:  Lent-Easter issue
September-October 2017:  Calendar issue
March-April 2018:  Lent-Easter issue
November 2018:  Commemorative publication for the Society’s 100th anniversary on November 9, 2018

We are always happy to hear from you, our readers, and we welcome your comments and suggestions. God bless you.

A 100-year history

The Scarboro Missions Archives, with the help of the Internet Archive digital library, initiated a project to create digital copies of all Scarboro Missions magazines, formerly called China magazine, from the inaugural issue of November 1919 through to 2008. In addition to the more recent editions (2009-present) already online, this now provides free public access to the nearly 100-year history of Scarboro Missions as told in the pages of the magazine. This resource provides a window into the Canadian Church’s prophetic response to the times and a changing world. Go to:

The magazine has presented a global vision of faith, promoting a dialogue and understanding of the faiths, cultures, and struggles of the people among whom Scarboro missioners served. This unique Canadian missionary publication has shared the changing face of mission in the past 100 years, with a focus today on human development, the liberation of peoples, ecological justice, and interfaith dialogue. You will also hear the voices of the Asian, Latin American, African, and Caribbean churches. These stories of encounter, service, transformation, and gratitude will inspire and teach for years to come.

Historical overview: