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KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives/Initiatives canadiennes oecuméniques pour la justice is a coalition of Canadian churches and religious organizations dedicated to promoting human rights, justice and peace, viable human development, and solidarity. The name KAIROS refers to a moment of transformation through faith.

Since the 1970s, Scarboro Missions has worked with the inter-church coalitions mainly in the areas of economic justice, corporate responsibility and human rights, particularly in Latin America and Asia. We have been much enriched by the opportunity to work with and experience the insights of other churches and religious congregations who share the concern for justice. Together we are able to raise a collective voice with a greater capacity to influence governments and public opinion while also providing research for justice education in our respective churches.


In July 2001, KAIROS brought together ten previously independent inter-church coalitions and consolidated the ecumenical justice work of the Canadian churches and related church organizations with the intention of ensuring continuity and enhancing coordination of research, advocacy, education and social mobilization. These ten coalitions were:

  • Aboriginal Rights Coalition (ARC)
  • Canada-Asia Working Group (CAWG)
  • Ecumenical Coalition for Economic Justice (ECEJ)
  • Inter-Church Action for Development, Relief and Justice (ICA)
  • Inter-Church Coalition on Africa (ICCAF)
  • Inter-Church Committee on Human Rights in Latin America (ICCHRLA)
  • Inter-Church Committee for Refugees (ICCR)
  • PLURA (Inter-Church Association to Promote Justice in Canada)
  • Taskforce on the Churches and Corporate Responsibility (TCCR)
  • Ten Days for Global Justice (TEN DAYS)

The new ecumenical organization provides continuity to the work of these coalitions and their more than 30-year history of highly respected research, policy development, advocacy and grassroots mobilization on a range of justice issues in Canada, Latin America, Asia and Africa. KAIROS will also continue to partner with local ecumenical social justice networks across the country and provide funding to help build the capacities of partner organizations in the Global South.

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Work Priorities

The work of KAIROS is rooted in theological reflection and combines research, education, partnership and advocacy. Priorities include:

  • Defend dignity and human rights for all
  • Promote sustainable energy policies
  • Build right relationships with Indigenous peoples
  • Inspire Canadians to seek climate justice
  • Link women of courage around the world in common actions to end violence
  • Urge companies to respect human rights and ecological integrity
  • Join together across denominations in worship that inspires faithful justice

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Contact Information

For more information, please contact:
KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives/ Initiatives canadiennes oecuméniques pour la justice
310 Dupont Street, Suite 200
Toronto, ON CANADA M5R 1V9
Tel: 416-463-5312
Toll Free: 1-877-403-8933
Fax: 416-463-5569
E-mail: info@kairoscanada.org
Web Site: www.kairoscanada.org

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Bi-weekly Newsletter

KAIROS also publishes a bi-weekly bulletin for ecumenical justice activists and friends. If you wish to receive KAIROS Times, please contact Julie Graham at jgraham@kairoscanada.org with your email address, province or territory, and full name.

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Canadian Ecumneical Jubilee Initiative (CEJI)

"You shall hallow the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a Jubilee for you…" (Leviticus 25:10)

The Canadian Ecumenical Jubilee Initiative (CEJI) was a project of over 30 churches and ecumenical organizations, including Scarboro Missions, seeking a new beginning for our world. The Jubilee Initiative was intended to take advantage of a historical moment to strengthen the Churches' capacity to work for social justice and ecological integrity and to facilitate theological reflection, education and networking. CEJI's call for a new beginning followed three themes arising out of the biblical tradition of Jubilee:

  • Release from Bondage (1998-1999): Focus on international debt cancellation campaign.
  • Redistribution of Wealth (1999-2000): Focus on Jubilee Pledge with local, national and global commitments for living out the biblical challenge of Jubilee to redistribute wealth.
  • Renewal of the Earth (2000-2001): Focus on restoring right relations through support of Aboriginal land rights, climate change campaign and continuing the Jubilee debt campaign.

Scarboro Magazine issues and articles on Jubilee:

  • September 1998—A New Beginning, A Call for Jubilee (issue)
  • September 1999—Release from bondage: Jubilee initiative 1999 (article)
  • December 1999—We are a Jubilee People! (Jubilee Pledge)
  • September 2000—CEJI Year III: Renewal of the Earth (issue)

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Questions or Concerns? Contact the Justice & Peace Office:
Karen Van Loon, Coordinator — jpo@scarboromissions.ca — 416-261-7135 ext.249

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