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Scarboro Missions magazine shares the journey of Scarboro missioners as they witness the Gospel overseas and in Canada.

It presents a global vision of faith, promoting a dialogue and understanding of the faiths, cultures and struggles of the people among whom our missioners serve. Scarboro Missions magazine is our contact with Canadian Catholics, helping to inform and educate, asking financial and prayerful support and inviting others to join in our service to the Gospel.

Scarboro Missions magazine is a unique Canadian missioner publication, sharing an understanding of mission today with its focus on human development, the liberation of peoples and interfaith dialogue.

2011 Canadian Church Press Awards

Scarboro Missions magazine received three awards at the 2011 Canadian Church Press Awards Banquet in Chicago. The banquet is part of our annual convention, which took place outside of Canada this year because it was held jointly with the Associated Church Press, our counterpart representing all of North America. This allowed for a richer and wider sharing and learning.

Below are the award winners and the judges’ comments:

First Place in the General Excellence–Specialized Magazine category
Scarboro Missions Magazine

2011 CCP Award of Merit General Excellence

Judge Walter Pitman wrote: “Scarboro Missions is a proud institution and this attribute is well served by the periodical bearing its name. It has a single purpose that is enhanced by the quality of the writing of the text, the images utilized. It uses the words of the young most effectively!”

Honourable Mention in the Theological Reflection category
“In the presence of the Divine” by Fr. Mike Traher, S.F.M., recalling people and communities in the Philippines where he served in mission.

Judge Rolf Pedersen wrote: “The remarkable personal reflections of Fr. Mike Traher do indeed speak to the power of God’s love in the presence of death. The writing is clear. The author’s attempt to articulate a sense of God’s presence in the various stories is simple, uncomplicated and largely because of that, profoundly and forcefully touching. The first story concerning the anointing of a dying woman and the blessing of a marriage was most enlightening as was the second story concerning the remission of Lolo’s disease. The anointing of Angel (in the third story) and his deathbed reconciliation with his community manages to convey something of the Divine reality that those who minister to the dying are sometimes privileged to experience.”

2011 CCP Award of Merit Theological Reflection

Second place in the Poetry category
“Discovery” by Diana Gresku

Diana wrote this poem about her experience as a 2010 D.R.E.A.M.S. participant. The Dominican Republic Education and Medical Support program (D.R.E.A.M.S.) began in 1999 at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in west Hamilton, Ontario. Since then, more than 350 St. Mary’s students have journeyed to the Dominican Republic to build 60 homes, a school, and a teacher’s residence in remote mountain villages in San José de Ocoa, the parish that Scarboro missionary Fr. Lou Quinn served for 42 years.

2011 CCP Award of Merit Poetry

Judge D.S. (Don) Martin wrote: “The poet’s details in this poem help draw us in — “the jolt of the dirt road”, “gentle rustle of palm trees”, etc. She can get away with the telling statement “We’ve never been trusted before” because she’s already shown us this trust in the held hands, “twirling” and “skipping”. “We’ve never changed the world before”, however, is her interpretive summarizing. The word “world” sounds grand, but they haven’t changed the world — although hopefully they have made a small corner of it a little better for a few people. She has nicely captured the satisfaction of contributing through a short-term missions experience.”

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