In God’s hands are the depths of the Earth

Guest editorial by Sr. Frances Brady, O.L.M.

Only the limitless diversity of creation can begin to reflect the glory of God to us for our appreciation and participation. Recognizing that we are dependent for survival on all the amazing variety of life forms on this planet Earth leads us to appreciation and gratitude.

Many in Canada are privileged to experience this diversity daily among the people of various cultures, customs, faiths, and talents with whom we live and work. We live and learn that God gifts us in limitless ways; that each person has something special to contribute to the human family and to the Earth that nourishes us; that the unique charism of each religious group can be expressed in a variety of ways responding to a wide range of needs and circumstances. 

After many years spent abroad in various missions, the majority of Our Lady’s Missionaries are now living in Toronto, the most multicultural city in the world. Toronto provides wonderful opportunities to experience the beauty and variety of cultures in our midst. Music, food, art, language, literature, and just about everything else from most places on the planet are placed within our reach. 

With benefits come responsibilities: to meet differences with respect and to ask important questions. In our beautiful and welcoming country, how do we decide whom we welcome? How do we help newcomers to use their talents, skill, and education for the benefit of their families and the Canadian community? How can we balance our appreciation of goods from around the world with the cost, to human life and to the planet, of bringing them to us?

 What God has created is magnificent and plentiful. Genuine gratitude invites us to responsible use and generous sharing of what is given for everyone. Such a sincere and heartfelt response is the one that will bring about our fulfilment and enjoyment of God’s vast, diverse, and beautiful creation.∞