Guest editorial by Sr. Suzanne Marshall, O.L.M.

To be fully present to one another and to all others has always been a deep aspiration for OLMs. Not that we have succeeded, far from it. But we find this desire expressed in our Constitutions, Chapter Directional Statements and at annual meetings where we search to give expression to the yearning of our hearts.

What is this presence for which we all long? Humanly speaking it is our deepest need. We know how much we desire to be accepted, appreciated, may I dare say loved? We want to be seen as being of worth. Without this recognition our life can feel meaningless.

Studies show that when infants are not nurtured they fail to thrive. People who volunteer with Out of the Cold programs and drop-in centres know that it is not enough to give their guests good food, clothing and perhaps shelter for the night. They need to feel valued and respected. They want volunteers to listen to them, eat with them, “waste time” with them.

And God yearns too for our presence. In our time of prayer God wants our whole hearts not so much our thoughts and words but us, just as we are, deeply loved, deeply treasured.


All of our Sisters and especially those who have lived in Nigeria for many years weep for the daily destruction and death taking place there. Please pray for peace for which the people of Nigeria thirst.∞