The religious face of this planet is changing. At a dramatic pace, more and more regions of the world are becoming environments of multi-culture and multi-faith. At the root of this phenomenon are international patterns of immigration. Throughout this century, the worldwide movement of peoples and cultures has provoked a meeting of religions that is new to history.

This historic encounter of religions is accompanied by another remarkable phenomenon—the interfaith dialogue movement. The great faiths of the world are now talking to one another in a fashion that is new, challenging and exciting. And Christianity has joined the conversation.

There are many ways to do interfaith dialogue. In our interfaith work, we have attempted to include not just experts, academics and key spiritual leaders of various faiths—we have also worked to include rank-and-file members of the many religions. So ours is very much a grassroots effort. And, in tune with the goals of Scarboro Missions, our interfaith work has also included an emphasis on social justice.