About the authors

Brant Abrahamson and Fred Smith are career history and social studies teachers who reside in the Chicago area. As they taught, they became increasingly disturbed by the deficiencies of standard textbooks, and they began developing alternative materials for their students. Some of their lessons and units have been published by GSP, Tucson, AZ, and The Teachers’ Press, Brookfield, Illinois, U.S.A., 60513. Abrahamson writes a column for the quarterly Inquiringminds.org newsletter.

Abrahamson’s degrees are from Augustana College (BA) and the University of Iowa (MA). Abrahamson was selected as an Illinois Master Teacher.

Smith graduated from the University of Chicago (BA) and Northern Illinois University (MA).

Current publications by these authors include:

History of the Hebrew Bible: Current Academic Understanding

Teaching About Religion in History Classes: Sacred and Secular History

The Decalogue: Bible Scholarship for Use Today

Calendars and Thinking Logically

Thinking Logically: A Study of Common Fallacies

Thinking About the “Mysterious”

Thinking About Religion From a Global Perspective

Prejudice in Group Relations

Ways to Influence People

Family Group Living


All the above books are published by:
USA 60513
TEL (708) 485-5983
FAX (708) 387-7057


Scarboro Missions is grateful for the skilful efforts of Brant Abrahamson and Fred Smith and their willingness to post this useful lesson plan on the Scarboro Missions website.
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