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Héctor Alfonso Acero Ferrer


In addition to his work as an Interfaith Intern at Scarboro Missions, Héctor is pursuing a Master of Philosophy at the Institute for Christian Studies where he is a research assistant for their Centre for Philosophy, Religion, Society and Ethics.

Originally from Bogota, Héctor began undergraduate studies in philosophy at the National University of Colombia, transferring to the University of Toronto to complete his Honours Bachelor of Arts.

Héctor also holds a Master of Divinity and a Bachelor of Sacred Theology from the Toronto School of Theology, Regis College. While at TST, Héctor was actively involved as a student representative, serving as president of the Regis College Student Council. Parallel to his studies, Héctor has worked for several non-for-profit, faith-based organizations dedicated to social justice and education including, Fontbonne Ministries and the Newman Centre Catholic Mission. Héctor’s research interests include philosophy of language, the intersection of faith and society, and current trends in Latin American theology.

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