cjr_1Beginning in the wake of the Second World War and the Shoah (Holocaust), Christians around the world have been engaged in a dramatic re-thinking of their relationship to Judaism and the Jewish people. The result has been a wonderful flourishing of dialogue and interfaith activity between these two ancient faith traditions, on the local, national and international levels. For Catholics, this transformation has largely been inspired by the Second Vatican Council’s 1965 document Nostra Aetate (On the Church’s Relationship to Non-Christian Religions), and the many powerful statements, helpful guidelines and historic events that have flowed from it over the past half-century.

The Scarboro Missions Interfaith Department is pleased to provide these resources in Jewish-Christian relations, for the use of students, educators and faith discussion groups in both the Jewish and Christian communities. We hope that they will help to make this progress better known, and to promote relationships of friendship, respect and mutuality which can build upon and deepen this dialogue. 

Key events looking back over 60 years of interfaith dialogue

Short biographies of some significant figures at the time of "Nostra Aetate"

Short biographies of some leaders in today's Jewish-Christian dialogue