Guidelines for Golden Rule Workshop

These comprehensive guidelines enable an individual or group to create and facilitate a Golden Rule workshop for youth, adult or intergenerational audiences. The workshop outline features a series of 13 steps that include silence, individual reflection, group discussion, plenary session and evaluation.


Golden Rule Curriculum #1 (for schools and youth groups)

Using the logic of circles, rules, moral modeling and the Golden Rule, this curriculum inspires young people to become global citizens. The students’ learning experience is enriched through drama, art, music, group reflection, journaling and rap. The curriculum can be used in public schools, religious schools and youth organizations.


 Golden Rule Curriculum #2 (for schools and youth groups)

This curriculum supports and challenges young people to appreciate ethical living through the application and practice of the Golden Rule. The curriculum contains a history of the Golden Rule and a listing of Golden Rule expressions from the world’s many cultures. Students will be challenged by this curriculum’s many projects and activities including an activity in applying the Golden Rule in difficult situations.


Golden Rule Curriculum # 3 (for schools and youth groups)

The AGREE curriculum contains a “Gold Standard” for interacting with others, while promoting high academic standards for all grade levels in Arizona schools (USA). Areas of focus include reading, writing, mathematics, the arts and the development of critical thinking skills.


Golden Rule Curriculum #4

These two curricula, Living the Golden Rule and Understanding the Golden Rule, are part of the Applied Wisdom section of Wikiversity. These curricula provide individuals with a useful resource for self-study. They also contain lots of ideas and exercises for teachers in schools, youth groups, universities and adult education programs. In addition, these resources address apparent contradictions and criticisms of the Golden Rule. Although some sections of these curricula are marked as needing more editing, and a few sections are not yet complete, one can rely on the quality of this material, because this course was developed in cooperation with Professor Harry Gensler, a noted American expert on the Golden Rule.


Golden Rule Art Activity & Lesson Plan (for schools and youth groups)

What would the world be like if every person lived according to the Golden Rule? In this art activity, young people are invited to envision a world in which every person lives according to the Golden Rule. Next, they are asked to depict what they have imagined or envisioned by creating a piece of art. This activity inspires young people to imagine and create a world characterized by cooperation, social justice, non-violence and a sustainable environment.


Golden Rule Meditation Exercises

This resource contains 21 do-it-yourself meditation exercises featuring texts of the Golden Rule from various religions. These contemplative activities can be used with individuals or groups.


Golden Rule Education Resources (for schools, youth groups and adults)

This comprehensive listing of resources from around the world features school & youth group curricula, interactive resources, meditation exercises, videos, multilingual posters, art activities, do-it-yourself workshops, slide programs, discussion questions, Golden Rule websites, books, toolkits and best practices.