Principles towards Better Interfaith Relations

  1. We confess our failures and lack of love, respect and sensitivity to people of other faiths in the past. We intend to forgive one another, seek the forgiveness of others and commit ourselves to a new beginning.
  2. We affirm that good interfaith relations can open the way to better interethnic relations and peace throughout the world.
  3. We recognise building true community (koinonia) , both among persons and various ethnic and religious communities, as our primary objective. We need to develop a global theology that will be appropriate for the unfolding sense of a globalised world.
  4. We affirm the importance of promoting a culture of dialogue within and among all religious communities and indigenous traditions.
  5. We condemn violence and terrorism as being against the spirit of all true religion and we pledge ourselves to removing their causes.
  6. We shall respect the integrity of all religions and ensure that they have the freedom to follow their own beliefs and practices.
  7. We believe that the different religions are enriched by identifying agendas in which they can collaborate, such as making peace, protecting the environment, eradicating poverty and ensuring the human dignity of all.
  8. We affirm that it is important for us all to listen to and learn from other religions so that we can value religious plurality as a factor that enriches our communities.
  9. We endeavour to live out and explain the truths of our own religion in a manner that is intelligible and friendly to people of other faiths.
  10. Cultural diversity as well as religious diversity in our communities will be affirmed as a source of enrichment and challenge.

Prepared by the Rt Rev. Kenneth Fernando for the Network of Interfaith Concerns of the Anglican Communion


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