On a planet-wide scale we are now witnessing the convergence of two international movements – interfaith dialogue and social justice. People active in both movements are realizing that they can create a better world by cooperating with one another.

In 1997, this extraordinary document linking social justice to interfaith dialogue was produced and signed by 22 faith communities in Edmonton, Alberta.

Declaration of Interdependence

WE, as faith group representatives, declare our interdependence with those who are living in poverty in our local community as well as in the world community.

WE DECLARE that we are all united in the spirit of one God, and that we are called to uphold the spirit of universal interdependence with our sisters and brothers of all faiths.

WE DECLARE that it is an offense to our faith that some enjoy an abundance of this world.s goods while the quality of life of others is restricted by hunger, by lack of proper shelter and by inability to fulfill their places in society because of poverty.

WE DECLARE that it is the role of governments to care for those who are unable to care for themselves, and that the provision of a compassionate social system is an absolute requirement.

WE DECLARE our concern that governments today are failing to provide adequately for those suffering from poverty in our society, and we call upon those whom we have elected to treat all people in their care with dignity and respect, providing sufficient financial resources so that all may have adequate food, clothing, and shelter, and access to education and health care.

WE DECLARE our deep concern about the growing gap between rich and poor in our society and our anger at the lack of action to redress this social injustice.

WE DECLARE our conviction that the failure of governments to provide adequately for persons in poverty, especially children, has drastic consequences for the future in unemployment, lack of self-fulfillment, violence, abuse, crime and illness. Investment in proper social services today will result in a higher quality of life and reduce social costs in the future.

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