• Once you have left the facility, it is helpful to provide a time and locale for the group to debrief and evaluate the experience. This process enables the members of the group to clarify questions, identify major learning points and discuss any uncomfortable issues raised by the visit.
  • You may want to provide your group with an address or website of the house of worship so that individuals can visit again on their own or learn more about the tradition.
  • At some point following the visit, have a brief conversation with the host to determine how future visits can be made even more mutually beneficial.
  • Express your appreciation to the host. A phone call, a voicemail message, an e-mail message or note of thanks (signed by yourself or the entire group) directed to the host is always appreciated and is good preparation for the next visit.
Catholic Church in Roanoke, USA. Photo credit- Wikimedia

Catholic Church in Roanoke, USA. Photo credit- Wikimedia


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