Scarboro Missions magazine, September 2003

Developed by Tony Muhitch of St. Elizabeth High School in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, for use within the Toronto Catholic school system. However, this Guide can be adapted for other Christian users and adult educators.


Many of the pertinent issues in contemporary justice are covered in the articles of the September 2003 edition of Scarboro Missions magazine. I have prepared a list of questions for this edition and used it in two of my high school Religion classes. Because the articles are short and relevant, the number of questions for any one story is not excessive. The articles are in a sense seamless to the topic of justice. Better yet, there are opportunities to take action. One of the articles even provides an example of how teenagers can participate in providing support for development projects in the global South. So, the articles can present a model for how any community can practice justice globally.

There are a number of ways to approach this Guide:

  1. Teachers and students could read the first article together and select sentences and paragraphs of importance to underline/highlight.
  2. Students can then be instructed to complete written answers to questions for the next three articles.
  3. Finally teachers and students can complete the final article together and discuss the contents of this article as well as the answers to the questions previously assigned.

This Guide studies and reflects upon six articles in this magazine edition. For users who have a paper copy of the magazine, the page numbers refer to those in the magazine. For the web version, click on the article title below to view the article.

  1. “KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives”    html version |  pdf version
    1. Choose and write down one of the definitions of KAIROS, as described in the beginning of the article.
    2. In the box that begins, “Our present KAIROS calls for…”, copy the sentence starting with: “We need a bold and incisive response…”
    3. List the groups that joined to form KAIROS.
    4. In what areas has Scarboro Missions worked with ecumenical church coalitions?
    5. According to the KAIROS campaign on the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas), on what principles must such agreements be based?
    6. Which country did ICCHRLA (Inter-Church Coalition on Human Rights in Latin America) visit in 2001 for purposes of free trade?
    7. How does the FTAA threaten health?
    8. How does the FTAA give license to pharmaceutical companies?
    9. How does the FTAA threaten the treatment of AIDS?
    10. What percentage of Brazilians voted against the FTAA?
    11. Visit the KAIROS website ( and get an update of their campaigns. Choose one to participate in (Enrichment marks).
  1. “The World Social Forum”    html version |  pdf version
    1. Name the organization and the country that this article is about.
    2. What did the people of the town of Pelotas do to regain traditional values?
    3. Name the benefits of “The Movement”.
    4. How is this group organized?
  1. “Celebrating Multiculturalism”    html version |  pdf version
    1. What is the breakdown of cultural communities in the Toronto area?
    2. What faith communities send their children to Catholic schools?
  1. “Journey to Africa”    html version |  pdf version
    1. What country did this person visit and what inspired her?
    2. What project had the writer started in high school the year before?
    3. The author learned of the greater needs of the Malawian people. What were they?
    4. Who did the author meet to inspire her interest in Malawi?
    5. How much money was raised and as a result how much was sent?
    6. In order to go to school, describe what some Malawi students endure.
    7. How are pencils used in Malawi schools?
    8. What does the author do currently to help Malawi?
  1. “Ten Myths About World Hunger”    html version |  pdf version
    Select four myths that are most important for young people and for the future.
  1. “Fanning the Flame of Hope”    html version |  pdf version
    1. What idea did Scarboro Father John McIver hope to convince the Sisters about?
    2. What work did the Grey Sisters do in the Dominican Republic, according to Sister Ann Nolan?
    3. In 1992 what work did the Sisters take on?
    4. What pastoral work do the Sisters do?