Scarboro Missions magazine, September 2002

Developed by Tony Muhitch of St. Elizabeth High School in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, for use within the Toronto Catholic school system. However, this Guide can be adapted for other Christian users and adult educators.


This edition of Scarboro Missions magazine reports on significant instances of interfaith cooperation taking place at all levels of the Roman Catholic Church. Since the Second Vatican Council, Church teaching has called Catholics to study and cooperate with other religions. This interfaith activity is a path to world peace and Pope John Paul II emphasized this in 2002 when he assembled in Assisi for the second time, leaders of the world.s religions to pray for peace.

Across the planet, more and more people are joining the interfaith conversation, recognizing that only by working together can humanity address global conflicts and challenges. They also discover interfaith cooperation as an occasion of faith.

  1. “Counting Interfaith Miracles”    html version |  pdf version
    1. What has happened since the Second Vatican Council?
    2. What did Pope John Paul II say in “Redemptor Hominis”?
    3. What happened at Assisi in 2002?
    4. What blemishes enter the interfaith picture?
    5. What term does the author Paul McKenna use to describe the process of interfaith dialogue?
  1. “Miracle at Assisi”    html version |  pdf version
    1. When did the first meeting take place? Who gathered?
    2. What happened in 2002?
    3. What did Pope John Paul II invite world leaders to do in 2002?
    4. List the religious leaders present. Describe their unity.
    5. What was said about violence and religion?
    6. What would happen if all religions worked together?
    7. What happened in Toronto simultaneously with the events in Assisi?
  1. “Assisi Decalogue for Peace”    html version |  pdf version
    1. Write out the five commitments you stress for teens and their encounters with people of other faiths.
    2. Your teacher will take a survey of the most chosen numbers.
  1. “Dialogue of Life”    html version |  pdf version
    1. What is the “dialogue of life”?
    2. What happened to Fr. Carten in Japan?
    3. What are the major religions in Japan? What role does Christianity play?
    4. What has Shintoism taught Fr. Carten?
    5. What happens at the entrance to Hakone National Park?
    6. What is the meaning of the many hands and arms on Hase Kannon?
    7. How do people communicate God?
    8. How would you answer the question Fr. Carten asks himself?
    9. How would you answer the second question Fr. Carten asks?
    10. What did Fr. Carten.s neighbour do every morning?
  1. “The progress of a poster”    html version |  pdf version
    1. Describe the story of the poster that most impresses you.
    2. What is the purpose of the Connecting Project?
    3. What did Fr. Damien use to animate the project?
  1. “Remembering Deo”    html version |  pdf version
    1. After reading the two-page memorial, create a summary of Deo Kernaghan.