The Scarboro Foreign Mission Society is a Roman Catholic missionary society involved in mission overseas and in Canada.

Founded in 1918 by Fr. John Fraser, a priest of the Archdiocese of Toronto, Scarboro Missions’ initial purpose was to train and send missionary priests to China. In those early days, Scarboro Missions was known as the China Mission Seminary.

China’s government forced Scarboro missioners to leave the country in 1952. Following that traumatic event, our missioners gradually dispersed to various countries of the world — to countries in Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and more recently in Africa.

In keeping with the spirit of the Second Vatican Council and at the urging of lay Catholics, Scarboro Missions began accepting lay missioners in the 1970s. Scarboro priests and lay missioners worked side by side and in co-operation with other mission groups all over the world.

Our founder, Monsignor John Mary Fraser

Fr. John Fraser, the founder of Scarboro Missions, was born to a Scottish immigrant family living in Toronto in 1877. He finished his undergraduate studies at St. Michael’s College and wishing to study for the priesthood was sent to Collegio Brignole Sale in Genoa, Italy. Here, he met missioners returning from their work abroad and his own mission vocation was awakened.
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Historical Overview

Through the Years, is a decade-by-decade look at our story as told in the pages of Scarboro Missions magazine and its precursor China magazine from the inaugural issue in 1919 to the 1990s. Written by Grant Maxwell, this article appeared in two instalments in the January and February 1993 issues of Scarboro Missions magazine as part of the Society’s 75th anniversary celebrations.
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SFM Deceased: Those who have gone before us

The memorial booklet lists the names of the deceased in chronological order according to the date of their death. 

With fondness we remember the deceased priests, many of whom are buried in their places of mission overseas. We honour the wonderful memories and gifts that they left to us. The seeds that they planted are continuing to bear fruit and with God’s blessing will do so for years to come. We look back with profound gratitude for their priesthood and service.

We extend our gratitude to their families and to the many friends and benefactors of Scarboro. We assure you of our prayer and will always be grateful for your prayer for all of us.