Mission Statement

Scarboro Missions is a Canadian society of Catholic priests and laity. Motivated by the Spirit, we dedicate ourselves to the person, teaching and mission of Jesus Christ, who said:

"I have come that they may have life and have it to the full." (John 10:10)

holding_cardboard_cutoutsSent by the Church, we seek:

  • To serve in creative and new endeavours where the Gospel has not been heard;
  • To collaborate with a local church that invites our presence;
  • To live simply and in solidarity with the poor and marginalized people of the world and to work on behalf of justice;
  • To encounter and celebrate God's presence in the life, history, culture and faiths of the people among whom we live;
  • To collaborate with churches in Canada, generating enthusiasm for global mission and in promoting Gospel values.


As witnesses to the hope and joy of the resurrection, these are the values we endeavour to live by and which will sustain us in the future:

  • A profound reliance on and trust in God;
  • A call to participate humbly in Christ's mission;
  • A belief in the transforming power of God's Spirit;
  • A commitment to support and challenge each other to simplicity of life, hospitality, communal dialogue, mutual respect and concern.

We recognize, affirm and celebrate:

  • The dignity of all people as members of God's family;
  • The invitation to all people to participate in the realization of God's Reign;
  • The sacred gift of God's creation, entrusted to everyone.

Guided by these ideals, we go forth in the spirit of St. Paul who prays, "Glory be to God whose power in us can do infinitely more that we can ask or imagine."( Ephesians 3:20 )


To serve the Reign of God through contemporary paths of mission.