Practical Application

a) Ethical consumption: This website promotes ethical consumption.
(The UK’s leading alternative consumer organization)

b) Ethical investment: These websites promote ethical investment.
(Features over 10,000 pages on ethical investment)

c) Ecology: Featured here is a website that promotes business ethics in relation to ecological sustainability and a third that reports on the disastrous results of environmental mismanagement.
(An international carpet company)

d) Codes of ethics: These websites offer guidance on preparing a business code of conduct as well as examples of codes of ethics that have been developed by specific companies.
(Bell Canada Enterprises)
(United Parcel Service [UPS])
(ITC [a large Indian corporation]) **
(Creating a code of ethics for your organization) **
(Resolving Workplace Conflict by Customizing the Golden Rule [book])

e) Corporate social responsibility: This site focuses on corporate social responsibility and the relationship between business and sustainability.
(Industry Canada)

** Websites that specifically discuss the Golden Rule in relation to business ethics

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