The goal of this program is to inspire and support young people to become global citizens rooted in the Golden Rule. This effort to engender character education in young people is achieved using creativity, imagination and the arts. This program also serves to counter the negativity that so many of us, including young people, are exposed to in modern culture.

This lesson plan/art exercise is very useful for teachers, youth educators and youth leaders because it deals with themes of youth empowerment, global citizenship, social justice, non-violence, cooperation, multiculturalism, multifaith, ethics, diversity and the arts.

This outline can be used as a lesson plan in schools or as an exercise with youth groups. The outline is quite detailed and contains a number of features and steps. Some teachers may wish to simplify the process by eliminating some steps. The purpose of the detail in this outline is to give educators and youth leaders an abundance of ideas and choices.

Some educators may wish to complement this outline by using additional methods and media including music, drama, trigger questions, and DVDs that focus on contemporary issues such as bullying, global poverty, diversity and the oneness of the human family.

Scarboro Missions has had a good deal of experience using this art exercise and has found it to be both effective and fun for young people.

Materials required: art paper, art supplies, Golden Rule Poster (optional)

Time required: 120 minutes or two periods of 60 minutes each (The duration can be shortened by eliminating some steps in the process.)

Grade/Age level: Grade 3 (age 9) to Grade 12 (age 18). This exercise can easily be adapted for use with young adult and adult audiences. The exercise can also be conducted with an intergenerational audience.

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