1. To download free of charge the Golden Rule texts in 13 religions (available in nine languages), click here:
  2. To view or download the article, Visual Impressions of the Golden Rule Poster, which contains comments by various individuals about the design of the poster, click here:
  3. To view the entire Golden Rule section of the Scarboro Missions website, which includes a number of free educational resources, click here:
  4. To view or download introductory information about the Golden Rule, click the following links:
  5. To view or download two Golden Rule Curricula which contain art, drama, music, journaling and group reflection exercises, click here:
  6. Golden Rule Movie: Animating the Golden Rule
    This DVD features students in several Toronto high schools embodying Golden Rule values by way of skits, artwork, music, movement and rap. The film eloquently demonstrates how character education can be engendered in young people using play, creativity and the arts. Running time: 23 minutes plus valuable DVD extras. Ideal for teachers, classrooms, and youth groups. To view the entire movie, click here:
  7. To view a Golden Rule interactive flash presentation which can be used to begin the lesson plan/art exercise, click here:
  8. To view or purchase the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Posters for this lesson, click here:
  9. In 2006, Scarboro Missions sponsored a Golden Rule Art Contest for young people that attracted submissions from around the world. For those interested in sponsoring a similar contest, click here to view some contest instructions:
  10. “Imagine what the world would be like if every person on the planet made a special effort to protect and care for our environment.” If the teacher wishes to conduct this art exercise with a specific focus on ecological issues, she/he can consult the Green Rule Poster which features sacred texts from 14 religious traditions. The 14 statements are presented against the visual backdrop of “the tree of life”. The poster is complemented by a very useful 20-page study guide. For more information or to view poster or to order these products, click here:
  11. Commentaries on the Golden Rule
    This compilation features commentaries on the Golden Rule from a number well-known scientists, philosophers, politicians, writers, business people, religious leaders, companies and organizations. Here is the link:
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