About the author and reviewers


The author

Gregory McKenna has taught in the public school system in Ontario, Canada for more than 30 years. His pastimes include singing, gardening and playing hockey. Gregory lives near Beeton, Ontario, Canada with his wife, Cathy, and their sons, Eddie and Neil.


Sal Badali
Maria Ertis
Katherine Flaherty
Kathy Gillis
Marilyn Grace
Paul McKenna
Rev. Leslie Mezei
Anthony Muhitch
Katherine Murtha
Tina Petrova
Roslyn Rus
Sr. Lucy Thorson
Rev. David Warren
JW Windland

All of the above reviewers are educators who reside in Ontario, Canada, with the exception of Kathy Gillis who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Scarboro Missions is grateful for the skilful efforts of all the individuals involved in this project.

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