This is a do-it-yourself workshop. The guidelines that follow are meant to equip an individual or group to sponsor, create and facilitate a Golden Rule Across the World’s Religions workshop. Any group interested in sponsoring this workshop would benefit by first forming a planning group.

wg_bahaiThe planning group can review the range of choices and options outlined in these detailed guidelines. Again, these are just guidelines. The planning group may want to change, adapt or shorten the proposed program. For example, the guidelines contain suggested time frames for various sections of the program. But these are just suggestions and can be varied.

You will note that there is a good deal of time allotted for the participants to do private reflection during the workshop. The developers of these guidelines have learned that the process of individual reflection deepens the experience of the participants. Again, the planning group may want to vary this component of the process.

The target audience for this workshop is both adults and youth. It is hoped, for example, that this program will be utilized in adult and youth education programs in mosques, temples, gurdwaras, synagogues, churches, meditation centres, spiritual fellowships, etc. In fact, on a given day, an adult workshop and a children’s workshop can be offered simultaneously in the same locale.

Please note that the constituency for this workshop can be a single-faith or a multi-faith audience. This workshop is also relevant to audiences that do not define themselves as “religious” or “spiritual” because the workshop content deals largely with ethics.

What you will need for the workshop

  • Paper and pens for journaling
  • Flip chart for use in Steps 4, 5 & 9 below
  • Questions selected for use in Step 4
  • Preparatory questions for small group discussion (Step 5)
    Questions about the learning and experience of workshop participants (Step 9)
  • Evaluation forms (Step 11)
  • A copy of the 13 Sacred Writings for each workshop participant
  • Golden Rule poster featuring a symbolic and written depiction of the Golden Rule in 13 religions. The poster is not necessary for the workshop but is a helpful visual aid. Order the poster here.
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