Other helpful hints for the planning group


1) Ideal number of participants for workshop: This workshop could be conducted with a handful of participants or with as many as 200 participants. Larger audience sizes will necessitate more sophisticated planning and more skills on the part of the facilitator.

2) Estimated time frame of workshop: A trimmed-down version of this workshop could be conducted in an hour. On the other hand, the workshop could be a day-long event.

3) An extra step: In Step 6 of the workshop outline, participants are invited to break into small groups (4 to 7 people). An alternative to this is to have participants work in groups of two.

4) Using the arts: To enrich the workshop, the planners may want to integrate music, art, dance, culture, etc. into the program.

5) Breaks: The number, positioning and duration of breaks are left to the discretion of the planning group and facilitator.

“We are interdependent. Each of us depends on the well-being of the whole, and so we have respect for the community of living beings.. . . We must treat others as we wish others to treat us. We make a commitment to respect life and dignity, individuality and diversity, so that every person is treated humanely, without exception.”

–from Towards a Global Ethic – An Initial Declaration, signed by 300 representatives of the world’s religions at the 1993 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago

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