The guidelines in this document were developed by Paul McKenna; Paul collaborated with a number of individuals in creating the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Poster. Currently he functions as Interfaith Co-ordinator for Scarboro Missions. The quality of this document is also largely the result of consultation with a number of individuals committed to interracial, intercultural and interreligious cooperation: Joel Beversluis, Ellen Campbell, Gerald Filson, Fr. J.P. Horrigan S.J., Leslie Mezei, Tony Muhitch, Paul Nazareth, Patricia O’Connor, Fr. Ray O’Toole SFM, Charles Purdy, Joseph Romain, Ted Slavin, Kathy VanLoon, Beverly Vantomne, Sharon Willan, Larry Windland.

If you have suggestions for improvements or would like to make other comments, contact Paul McKenna at

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