Reflection Day 1: Ecology and Spirituality

Schedule: (Times are arbitrary. Please feel free to change 
as needed)

9:00 A.M.	Opening comments-teacher(s)			

9:10	Opening prayer (chosen by students)

9:20	Activities (see "Opening Activities" above)

9:50	Quiet reflection 1
	Students will spend 20 minutes in quiet reflection 
        outdoors. They should be instructed to walk in silence 
        and observe nature. They will take a pen and paper and 
        list all that they see, hear, feel and smell.

	If outdoor reflection is not possible, students will 
        choose a nature image(s) and find a quiet place indoors 
        to sit and reflect upon the image. 

10:20	Nutrition break

10:35	Students sit in large group and share what they have 
        experienced outside or what they have seen in the nature 
	What difference would it make if the things they saw 
        How can they gain more appreciation for nature?
        End with a prayer of Thanksgiving to God for the gift of 
        nature. (student chosen) 

11:00	Students could present their skits or mimes. 
        Class discussion about the issues presented and their 
        importance to the ecology of the Earth should complete 
        this time. 
        End with prayer/psalm expressing the wonder of creation. 
        (student chosen)

12:00	Lunch
	After lunch, spend time outdoors walking, playing games, 
        talking, etc.

1:00 P.M.	Watch the video: "The Lorax"
	Class discussion, related to the magazine theme of Renewing 
        the Sacred Balance

2:15	Nutrition break

2:30	Quiet reflection 2
	Extend this quiet time to 40 minutes. Students are 
        instructed to find a place outdoors and complete the 
        reflection paper the teacher has prepared.

Class discussion on the merits of silence as necessary for 

* Was it difficult to keep silent for the length of time? Why?
* What did students learn from their attempt to keep quiet? 
* Would they attempt to take some time each day for quiet 
  reflection? Why/why not?
* How has this unit and this day helped them to prepare for the 
  task of becoming an adult in the Church?

3:15	Closing prayers (chosen and prepared by students)
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