Reflection Day 2: Renewing the Sacred Balance

Schedule: (Times are arbitrary. Please feel free to change 
as needed)

9:00	Opening prayer (see prayer attached below)

9:20	Video ("The Lorax", or make your choice from one of David 
        Suzuki's series on the environment)

10:10	Discussion about the concepts and how they relate to the 
        magazine articles: how can we renew the Sacred Balance?

10:40	Nutrition break

11:00	Quiet time 1
	Group is instructed to walk outdoors for half an hour. 
        Each person should walk alone and in silence. Ask them 
        to identify some item from nature that symbolizes for 
        them the fragility/wonder of nature.

11:30	Take about 10 minutes to write about the walk, the 
        silence, and the symbolism of the item chosen. 
        Group discussion: What would the Earth be like without 
        the item each person has chosen? 
        What would be missed?

12:00	Lunch

1:00 P.M.	Using the magazines, divide the large group 
        into six smaller groups. Each group should choose 
        one faith tradition to read about how this tradition 
        regards the Earth.

* In each group, discuss the concepts and compare how 
  Christians view the Earth. 
* How are the concepts the same? How are they different? 
  Make a list of the similarities and differences.
* Have each group report to the whole. 
* Discuss: How do these faith traditions contribute to 
  restoring the Sacred Balance?

2:15	Nutrition break

2:40	Quiet time 2
	Each person should find a quiet place to sit. After 
        listening and observing nature for 20 minutes, each 
        person should write a prayer that includes both a 
        Christian view and the other faith traditions' 
        view of the Earth in restoring the Sacred Balance.

3:10	Closing prayer  
	Prayer circle: Group should sit in a circle. Share 
        the prayers for restoring the Sacred Balance.
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