A Sample Order of Service

The following outline is merely one example of an order of service for a multifaith gathering. This outline is not meant to be a template for multifaith prayer. Please note that this model is highly structured and ordered.


Just as prayer can be done in a number of ways, so multifaith prayer can take a myriad of forms and directions. And this includes models that are very spontaneous and flexible with much less structure and order than the one featured below.

The outline below contains quite a number of component sections. It is not the suggestion here that a given service should contain all of these component sections. In fact, a simple, short, uncomplicated order of service can be very effective. Numerous sections are included in this sample order of service in order to give organizers an abundance of ideas and choices:

Prelude (music)

Procession (of all participating faith groups)

Welcome and Opening Words

Offering (e.g. by a children’s choir of one faith group)

Reading of prayers (from 3 or 4 traditions)

Presentation of symbols or gifts from participating faith traditions


Offering (e.g. dance from one faith tradition)

Prayer of reconciliation and peace

Gestures of greeting or peace among members of congregation

Chants (or readings from sacred texts) of 3 or 4 traditions


Offering of the 4 elements (air, earth, fire, water)

Prayers and responses

Message (a brief reflection by one individual)

Lighting of candles by participating faith group representatives

Closing words and song

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