Golden Rule PosterCurriculum Section Two: Rules that courageous people live by

  1. Overview
  2. Lesson One – Rules in my peer group
  3. Lesson Two – Rules at home
  4. Lesson Three – Rules in society
  5. Lesson Four – Making our own rules
  6. Lesson Five – Lord of the Flies
  7. Lesson Six – Rules in sports
  8. Lesson Seven – Why rules?

7.1  Overview

In this section, the students will study the lives of individuals – ordinary and extraordinary persons – who have demonstrated courage in terms of adhering to their values, moral principles, and “rules for living”. The students will examine their own values and rules for living in light of the lifestyles of these courageous individuals.

Some of the people studied will be individuals that the students know personally; some will be famous historical persons, many of whom have endured adversity, obstacles, conflict, challenges, and even persecution as a consequence of their commitment to the service of humanity.

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