Appendix 6     Suggested journal questions for Curriculum Section Three

  • If you were to create a Golden Rule Poster for yourself – a poster with many Golden Rules and a poster that reflected what kind of person you are or would like to be – what would be the top three rules that you would put on your poster? Feel free to create your own Golden Rules.
  • Can you think of an unpleasant experience in your life history that would not have occurred if someone had applied the Golden Rule in his or her life? Explain.
  • art_exercise_12Can you think of an unfortunate or tragic event in your community or on the world scene that would not have happened if an individual or individuals had applied the Golden Rule? Explain.
  • Can you think of an occasion in your life when you, or someone you know, applied the Golden Rule and the results made you happy? Explain.
  • Can you think of an occasion in your life when you tried to apply or even enforce the Golden Rule, but the situation did not improve? How did you feel? Explain.
  • Oftentimes, things that are scarce become very valuable. On our planet, gold is a scarce commodity, which, in turn, makes it even more valuable. Do you personally feel that our world, as you know it today, could benefit from the use of more rules that are made of “gold”? Explain.
  • You will notice the word “Golden” in the term “the Golden Rule.” Why do you think that the person who created this term decided to call this rule “Golden”? In other words – for you – what is “the gold” in the Golden Rule?
  • List and describe some ways to bring the Golden Rule into your daily life.
  • Some of these Golden Rules have been practiced on our planet for thousands of years. Why do you think people still see the Golden Rule as valuable today?
  • Which of the various Golden Rules do you like the best? Explain.
  • How could you change the world by applying the Golden Rule? Explain.
  • Do you sometimes find it difficult to practice the Golden Rule? Explain.
  • Do you know anyone who practices the Golden Rule on a regular basis? Explain.
  • Can you think of ways that we as individuals in our local community can encourage other people on the planet to practice the Golden Rule? Explain.
  • What would the world be like if all the people on our planet lived their lives according to the Golden Rule? Explain.
  • What is a rule?
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