Golden Rule PosterCurriculum Section Four: Becoming a global citizen

  1. Overview
  2. Lesson One – Exploring the circle
  3. Lesson Two – The circles in our lives

9.1  Overview

In this section, the students are invited to reflect on the meaning and symbolism of the circle as well as the meaning and symbolism of the many circles found on the Golden Rule Poster. Against the backdrop of the poster and its many circles and partial circles, the students will reflect on the deeper meaning of the Golden Rule, and its significance for their lives, as individuals and as global citizens.

Suggested seating arrangement:

The students sit in one circle or in a pattern of two concentric circles. In this formation, the teacher can decide whether he/she wants students seated on the floor or at their desks. There should be space available to enable the students to move to different locations in the circle during the lesson. There should also be an allowance of space for the teacher to enter and exit the circle.

In preparation for this curriculum section, the teacher is advised to read or peruse the following four articles, two of which are found on the Scarboro Missions website and two of which are found in the Appendices section of this curriculum unit:

Understanding the circle: This short article provides basic information about the circle. For this section, the teacher may want to make the article available as a handout for the students. Click here for the article:

The Golden Rule and the emerging global ethic

The Golden Rule and the global human family
See Appendix 1

Visual impressions of the Golden Rule Poster
See Appendix 5

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